*NOTE: Prices shown should be viewed as a guide.

This Full Leg Ham is our signature Ham and all made in-store. Our famous Legs are hand selected and derived from free range pigs, yielding Hams that weigh between 9 and 12 kilos.

Full Leg Ham's are perfect for your family Christmas gatherings, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of eating a traditional and full leg of Ham feeding the masses. Perfect for every Christmas table setting. 

These Hams are guaranteed to provide you with a more tender and moist eating experience. Expertly smoked over Beechwood for 12 hours, this ham is full flavored, sweet & juicy and not to be missed!


* PLEASE NOTE  All Hams come cooked and smoked ready to eat.

 This product is made using Australian grown pork.


*Due to the nature and process of producing our products, once your order is prepared and final weights have been taken, there may be a discrepancy with the amount paid.

There may be an extra balance you might have to pay or a refund from us at the end of order preparation.

We will endeavor to get it as close to the amount paid as possible. 

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